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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What Should You Tip Your Stylist?

This is a question that will forever be debated...10%? 15%? 20%?

Let me share my thoughts as a stylist who is not currently working in a salon.  I am not writing to boost my tip income.  I'm writing to help explain a stylist's perspective on behalf of all beauty professionals out there. So here we go.  Ultimately, what you tip your stylist is up to you as the client.  You are not legally bound to pay it. I always considered tips from a client were like a special gift that I always appreciated, whether great or small.  But, with that said, your stylist works very hard.  Long hours on his/her feet.  Sometimes going all day without a chance to eat or use the restroom.  Kind of like a server at a restaurant.  Also, if your stylist is an independent contractor, or booth renter, there is a great deal of overhead.  Private health insurance, cost of hair color and product, rent, assistant fees, and many other business expenses. Your stylist will only pocket a percentage of what you are charged for the service. So keep that in mind when you leave your tip.

What's common etiquette to tip your stylist is 15-20%.  If your stylist uses a shampoo assistant, it's customary to leave a dollar or two for him or her.

I was asked if the tip should be more or less depending on the level of detail and difficulty of the service. A light trim as opposed to a total new look. Well, in my humble opinion, that is up to you as the client.  But bear in mind that you're not only paying for the service itself-  you are also paying for the level of trust and confidence in your stylist to do what you want them to do, whether that be a baby trim or an asymmetric bob. That is worth something.  And whether you're getting a little cut off or a lot, the same amount of time is allotted for each service.  A good stylist would (should) put forth the same professionalism,  effort, and skill set in either situation.  Now, if you want to leave a little extra for your stylist for their extra time or input, then by all means!  I just look at it as being a blessing to that stylist.

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  1. Thanks Maria! I am always so uneasy about how much to tip my stylist.