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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

HAIR COLOR: When to see a professional...

Though I am a professional hairstylist who has made a good living on coloring hair, I am am not so snobbish to criticize or dress down a client who has resorted to drugstore box color when times are tough. I understand that getting your hair colored by a professional is a luxury and when the finances are tough a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do when it's time to cover those roots.  But with that said, there are a few instances where I would urge you emphatically to PLEASE SEE A PROFESSIONAL.  Here goes...

~When going lighter~

In the world of hair color there are laws- laws that cannot be broken. Scientific laws actually.  One law- a colorist rule of thumb, is color doesn't lighten colored hair.  If you went to walmart and got a box of color and dyed your hair chessnut brown and then two weeks later decide that you want to be sandy blonde.  SEE A PROFESSIONAL.  The lighter color will do nothing to what has already been colored, while at the same time lightening the new hair growth at the base (root).  Maybe you've experienced this??  So unfortunately, the only thing that can lighten color treated hair is the B word...bleach.  In the hands of a trained professional, this is nothing to fear.  We actually don't like to call it bleach to clients because we know it can sound scary.  We call it "lightener". And professional hair coloring products are so much more gentle and conditioning than others.  A colorist will know how to gently lighten your hair and then tone it to the desired shade of your choice.  A colorist will also be able to assess the condition of your hair and know what your hair can handle. A box can't do that.

~When wanting highlights or dimensional color~

This shouldn't need an explanation. You can pull your hair through a cap. Painful. Messy.  You could comb color through your hair. Risky. Stupid. Messy. 

~When going dramatically darker~

Again, there are laws in the hair color world.  Rules that a box just doesn't understand.  If you have blonde hair and you are wanting to go significantly darker. SEE A PROFESSIONAL.  There is a lot of hair dresser talk I could go into, but I won't go into at this time. Just know if you want rich, vibrant, deep color. Go to a colorist.  Other wise you could end up with flat, ashy "bronde".  Trust.  


  1. God bless you! Having white roots and been red hair is not so easy. It could turn "pinky" or "orangey" if the person doesn't know how to applied it correctly. That has always been a nightmare. The roots must be colored differently to the ends, and the difference could be seen between one and the other. What could be done? What do you think?

    1. Oh yes! Red hair is tricky. I'll be writing an article on it soon. When coloring grey hair red, you always need to add brown or natural to the base formula. Again, something only a professional would know. As a colorist general rule, whatever the percentage of grey you have, that is the percentage of "natural" or brown needs to be added to the color formula. Example: If you are 50% grey, then half of your color formula needs to be the shade of red desired and half needs to be a natural brown so that the grey doesn't turn pink or orange or as we like to say in the biz, "hot roots". You would put just the red on your ends to refresh. Thanks for commenting!

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