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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Favorite Products for Volume

Keep in mind that products alone will not magically make your fine, thin hair suddenly thick and full and luxurious.  The truth is, these products are only aids to be combined with the right styling technique.  Same thing with smoothing/anti-frizz products.  They help.  But using the products alone will not automatically make your hair suddenly straight and sleek.  You need to use styling tools and sometimes a little effort...I know :(

So for volume if you are willing to put in the work to blow dry your hair and use a round brush, these products can really help assist you in your volumizing quest.  If you would like, I can post a video of how to blow dry your hair for volume.  Please send me some feedback if you'd like that.

1.  Thicken Up, by Paul Mitchell

-This is a great serum that you apply to damp hair before you style to add a little thickness and grit.  This is great if you ultra fine hair and just want to add a touch of volume or thickness.  You can layer it with a mousse if you'd like.

2. Extra Body Sculpting Foam, by Paul Mitchell

- A good over all mousse to be applied wet before you style.  Gives flexible hold and lift throughout hair.

3. Sea Salt Texturizing Spray, by Aquage

- This product is great to put in your hair before you style or even if you want to leave it and let it air dry.  It adds serious volume if you use it to blow dry but if not, it adds that beachy grit, especially if you have wavy hair.

4. Your Highness Root Boost Spray, by Tigi Catwalk

- Okay, so if you're so if your wanting serious lift and volume, apply this to your scalp liberally before you blow dry.  It gives mega grit and lift.

5. Powder Play, by Big Sexy Hair

- This product is so cool! It is one that you actually use after you style.  Works really well with teasing. You can watch a teasing tutorial here if you'd like.  You literally sprinkle some of this powder right at the root where you want the must volume, and it actually does magically give your hair serious volume!  I use it a lot for up-dos and weddings.

6. A really good hair spray.

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