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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How to Keep That Color From Fading

Here are a few tips on how to keep that beautiful color from fading.  Whether brown, red, or black, these tips can help your rich color last longer.  Now, I can't do anything about your roots from here...I actually had a client complain to me once about how quickly she saw here new growth come in at the scalp as if it was my job to keep here hair from growing out...Also, this doesn't necessarily pertain to blondes (although all of these steps are good to promoting healthy hair for anyone). Keep in mind, blonde hair doesn't "fade". Blonde is actually the absence of color.  Now, if you have lightened hair. and have had a toner or corrective glaze applied to adapt your shade of blonde, then follow these steps as well to help make that shade last longer.

1.  Shampoo with cool to tepid water.

Hot water actually opens up the fish like scales on the strands of hair, giving those color molecules a chance to escape and run down the drain. Cold water actually seals the cuticle down.

2. Try to shampoo your hair less often.  

You may have to get creative here.  Think carefully about how you want to style your hair and when.  For instance, I wear my hair straight or curled on the first day after shampooing, and on the second day, I'll throw it into an up-do or something.  Also, make good use of dry shampoo which you can learn more about here. Use your own discretion as to how long to go between washes.  Not only will it help preserve your color, it is just good for your hair and scalp in general.  Even moisturizing, gentle, "sulfate-free" shampoos can tend to be abrasive and harsh to the hair and scalp.

3.  Stay clear from any shampoo that has the words "clarifying" or "purifying".

These shampoos are particularly abrasive.  Designed to strip away oil and grease.  But the also strip your hair of the natural "good" oils.  And wash away your beautiful color. Try to use one that specifically says "for color treated hair".  Moisturizing shampoos and conditioners are generally color safe, as well.

4. Wear a hat whenever you're out in the sun.

The sun can lighten your hair and dry it out, too.

5.  Consider a tinted conditioner.

There are several professional product lines that carry conditioners with subtle pigment to help preserve your color.  Ask your stylist about this.

Hope these help!

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