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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How to Fix and Prevent "Chlorine Green" Hair

It's pool time again!  Many of you know exactly what I mean when I say '"chlorine green".  Typically this happens with younger girls with lighter hair.  It's when the hair turns a dull greenish hue due to extended times swimming in a chlorinated pool.  Well, this can be fixed!  It can be prevented to.  And even if you don't have blonde hair, these prevention methods are really great for anyone who swims a lot and would like to protect their hair from that yucky chlorine build-up.

How to fix it:  So your little mermaid has green hair from the pool.  Here's what ya do.  Shampoo hair like normal and while the shampoo is lathered up, pour about a tablespoon of baking soda in your palm and add it to the lather.  Work it in through out really well.  Rinse and condition.  It may take a couple treatments of the baking soda to get it all out depending on how much build up there is.  BTW- This is also a great treatment to do if you have serious product build-up in your hair, like after having an up do where there are layers and layers of hairspray.

How to prevent it:  The best thing you can do to protect your hair is to wet it really really good with tap water before getting in the pool.  When your hair is saturated with the clean water, it won't absorb all the chlorine in the pool.  Another thing that you could do would be to wet it and add just a little conditioner through it.  Don't rinse it out.  The conditioner will be a barrier.  You could even keep a spray bottle on you with watered down conditioner to periodically spray in your little one's hair.  This is a good idea especially if you're planning a day at a water park or something of that sort. Think of the watered down conditioner as lotion for your hair.  It's really good for anyone being out in the sun.  There are even conditioners out there with spf to help prevent color fading.

Stay tuned for more summer hair tips!

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